Summer Flowers: Combination Bouquets Rule

Summer time is the time for beautifully designed combinations. Summer time flowers should smell pleasant and draw people to them. The individual flowers should be beautiful in themselves and still part of the artful design. We always design our bouquets. We do not follow the mindless cookie cutter patterns like the grocery stores do. Even if that pattern can be pretty, like “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose ” (Joseph Singer Sargent)

wild orchid des moines florist

It’s not the way we design. We love flowers and we speak the language of flowers. The design of a summer bouquet should be dramatic yet balanced. The colors and shapes coming together in a pleasing way.

Flowers have been here longer than people, and we have developed a long term love affair with them. So many cultures have devoted lifetimes growing them and enshrining them in art. The Japanese have Ikebana, the way of flowers, A million still lifes adorn walls all over the globe. des moines florist flower shop

Flowers are in our blood. Their bueaty is part of our lives and to deny them would be…bad. We are hard wired to see beauty in flowers, and there is a perfect combination, somewhere. We always srive to find that in every bouquet we make.patriotic Fourth of Julydes moines florist flower shopAutumn Summer wild orchid des moines florist

Call us and let us design a beautiful bouquet for your home or office. Who knows how many peoples day will be brightened.