End of Summer Orchid Check!

Many people love to grow Orchids outside. You know your area and how the Orchids respond, yet the ones indoors need to be watched much closer. Outside, there are other forces of nature that are not present (Thank Goodness!) indoors. Time to take a look at the basics because that is where so many problems begin. If the leaves look droopy, check for proper drainage. A pot inside a pot is fine as long as it drains well. Are you letting the medium dry slightly before rewatering? Is the water cold you are watering with?

urbandale flower delivery

You should check the roots; if the roots are black and soggy, you are watering too much, if they are wrinkled and crispy, you are watering too little.

Many Orchids do not like direct sunlight, and few like the sun beating them on a hot day (they get  burned spots on the leaves). A good rule is that if the leaf feels hot, it is probably getting too much direct sunlight.

Orchids are sensitive to cold. As a rule 50 degrees F. is considered the minimum temperature orchids can withstand. Bring your orchids inside when colder weather is predicted.

Many types of Orchids are getting ready to bloom in the coming fall, and we will be buying some real beauties both locally and abroad. Every year it is the same excitement and joy to see these flowers. I know you all feel the same.