Pest and Disease Free Orchids

5 Easy Ways To Keep Orchids Free Of  Pests and Diseases

1. Always use sterilized tools whenever working
with orchids – especially when you are cutting
roots, leaves, and/or stems.

**Intense heat (like the flame from a lighter)
or a diluted solution of bleach can be used to
sterilize your tools.

2.  Always water your plants early in the day to
allow for all water to dry before cooler night-
time temperatures.

**Use cotton swabs to remove excess water that
gets stuck in all the little nooks of your plant.

3.  Never let orchids or their pots sit in water.
This will cause root rot.

Here’s an easy hint someone once told me to help
remember this point:

Orchids like to keep their “feet” dry :-)

4.  Never over-crowd your orchids.  Make sure that
they have adequate air circulation around them.

**A fan can be used to replicate the gentle
breeze that orchids enjoy in their natural outdoor

5.  Always repot your orchids in NEW potting
matter, and use NEW (or sterilized) pots.

To Healthy, Vibrant Blooms!

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