Here it is, 3 days after valentines day and it is in the news that there are issues with the corporate and the 800 phone number florists’ flowers. Many of them arrived dead or dying. Some of the pictures in the news show not only dead flowers, but really, really dead flowers. Zombie dead. All I can see is that some delivery person had to hand those flowers to the receiving person and smile.

This last 3 weeks as we filled, arraigned, and delivered a record number of beautiful flowers..All of them a message of love, and all of them important to us, and I think how badly I would feel to hand dead flowers to someone, then face the sender.
This isn’t bragging, we worked our tails off, we all delivered the flowers and candy. It was crazy-time for the last days before Valentines: We didn’t deliver a single dead flower arrangement. I do not have to apologize to the many people these corporate types will. We were pushed to our limit, hard. But there is a huge difference between us and the phone number florists and this is the point of my post today.

It is Philosophy.

floaterWe at the Wild Orchid just see the business differently than the mass media type florists. In a design school, you would be taught that a daisy goes in the 2 o’clock position, a tulip at 4, a few other flowers you have available at other set positions, then fill it up with cheap greenery to make it look thick. This is how the grocery stores still design their flowers..From a book. Myself and the other designers here love flowers and we care about the design itself. How the flowers look together and how fresh and new the arrangement can be. We care if the flowers are alive and vibrant. We understand that this bunch of flowers is one persons statement of love for another and if there is a more important statement one can make with flowers we do not know what it could be. It matters to us and it matters to you.

We do not deliver flowers that are dead. We use greenery sparingly, to compliment rather than hide. Our greenery is never a fugitive from a salad bar; it is picked for beauty, not filler.

Our flowers are both local and shipped in from proud growers we know and trust. The flowers are the very best there is and that is what we expect from our growers and what you expect from us.

I did not want the tone of this to be as negative as it is, it is just that it really bothers me that so many people are fooled into thinking any huge corporate giant could be the same as local, talented florists. Florists who live right there and who treat people with respect and good service. We love and respect our clients here and we are thankful for each and every one. That is our philosophy of business, and thank goodness, it’s working.