The 3 Faces of Easter

Easter Butterfly

Easter has 3 faces: The resurrection, the celebration of spring, and the chance to show your loved ones how much you care.  To celebrate the return of Jesus often means new clothes, special prayers, and family bonding. Sending flowers is a great way to reach out when you are away.

The return of spring is also a return of joy for many. Winters can be tough here, and we all dread the deep snow and slick ice. Now is the time to bring in the pretty spring flowers, and the Wild Orchid has plenty ready to go out. Even After hours. Brighten someones day with a fresh bouquet.

Lastly, showing your loved ones you care. We have special spring gift baskets that will bring the smile to their faces. We have a few so you will probably like one of them.

Call us and get your flowers ready for the new face of spring and Easter.

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