Happy Mothers Day!!!

For all those times you were not sure what to do, didn’t understand why or how, but knew you had to do something because you were the “Mom”, this is for you…….


You are now a Mom!  Any ideas you may have had previously regarding life and raising kids can be thrown out the window.  You will experience frustration, fear, sorrow, anger and a wide range of other emotions you never knew existed, or just thought were old wives’ tales, AND, you will experience supreme happiness at levels of which you had never dreamed.

You will do everything you possibly can do to not have your children hurt or upset, but you will also come to realize that there are those times when your children must experience their own hurts and upsets.  As time goes on, you will realize you won’t have much of a say in any of that.  Meanwhile, teach by example, love them, care for them, share your wisdom, and show them what is right and what is not.

Always remind them of what it means to be a good, compassionate human being while encouraging then to test out their own theories, ( carefully of course).

Know that many have come before you and many will come after, but you and your children are special.  Nurture, love and enjoy them.  Oh and don’t bother looking for a 1-800-MOM-HELP number, there isn’t one.  All the answers are within you, trust in yourself and things will fall into place.

So whether is is your first Mother’s Day or you 41st, take time to smell the flowers, give yourself a big pat on the back and have a wonderful and Happy Mother’s Day.